New Pre Designed Website Templates from MJS Web Solutions

Our newly, revised pre designed website template page includes an enhanced layout, robust searching options and a new partnership.

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Say Goodbye to Internet Explorer

Update now! Microsoft will end support for all versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 11.

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How To Convert an Outlook Message To Word

Managing project tasks in email is unproductive. So I figured out how to convert or export my Outlook email message to MS Word.

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Go Mobile and Avoid a Drop in Google Rankings

Google recently announced If your website is not mobile friendly, you will likely see a significant loss in visibility.

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Should I Open in a New Window or Not?

When linking, should I open up into a new window or not? Yes when you’re linking to a document. No when your linking to a website.

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MJS Web Solutions Launches New Harbor Bay Storage Website

Today we congratulate Harbor Bay Storage on their new website launch. Our goal with the new website was to design around the essence of safety, security and location.

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