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How to Fix Firefox Crashing From QuickTime/Flash Plugin?

The Quicktime/Flash plugin for Firefox was crashing my browser. Learn how I fixed the problem.
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Great Season Alameda Little League T-Ball Dodgers

Here's to a great t-ball season and many more to come.
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Real or Email Spam?

I just received an email from Sprint asking for a survey and in return $10 off my bill. Great I thought until I looked a little closer to the email.
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WordPress Security Update Announcement

Pingback feature in WordPress is being used for denial of service attacks (DDOS). Learn what to do and how to disable it.
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Supporting Our Local Alameda Little League T-Ball Team

We're proud to sponsor the Alameda Little League Dodgers T-Ball team. Playing sports is very important to life by learning teamwork skills.
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Just Launched 3 New Responsive Design Websites

We've been busy. MJS Web Solutions just launched 3 new responsive design websites this past week.
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I Take That Personally

Provide trust. Use a personal greeting in your email newsletters or your customers may think your legit email is spam or phishing email.
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Who Am I?

Who is your target market? Are you marketing to them or at them? Microsoft's App Store does a fantastic job of knowing their target market. See an example.
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