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An excellent resource for us web developers and web optimizers – Google Alerts. It’s a great tool after you’ve just launched a new website or update.

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The Phish Are Still Biting

February 15, 2005 | Under Web General | Posted by | No Comments

It still surprises and amazes me that some people are still getting sucked into the phishing scams. Maybe I haven’t received anything too sophisticated, but I can’t imagine anyone falling for the latest one I received.

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2004: Year of The Blog

February 1, 2005 | Under Web General | Posted by | No Comments

I just read some worthwhile statistics about blogging. They explain the blogging phenomenon but also the advantages of blogging.

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I met with a gentleman today who was telling me he was dissatisfied with his web searches. I understood. Lately some of my searches haven’t been up to par either. What’s wrong?

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I just finished reading an article in Information Week about how Yahoo is now authenticating email to prevent spam. The story reminded me of another article I read earlier about how “internet users are virtually clueless about security”. Spam, Spyware, Viruses, Phishing…will it ever stop?

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Blocking ALL Spam in Outlook

November 9, 2004 | Under Web General | Posted by | No Comments

Just decide that ALL email is bad, unless you approve it. Instead of blocking every piece of spam that comes in, you can setup Outlook to only allow the email you want.

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