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Website Design & Development

Weather you’re in need of a new website or looking to redesign your existing website, our approach is the same: a website that works.

At MJS Web Solutions, you won’t get cookie cutter websites. They’ll be unique and customized to fit your organization. We spend the time to find what makes your organization special and how your new website will create an impact.

Our Process

Our process, specifically strategic planning and content design ensures your website is customer focused and goal oriented. When developing a website there are primary and secondary goals that we determine with you. After goals and objectives have been established, the next step is planning and information design. We ask questions about your audience, how a person will feel when they visit your new website and figure out what content will go where and how it will help the visitor achieve their outcome or our desired goal. From there design and actual website development come to life.

Your Website

  • Is a marketing tool.
  • Reflects the unique nature of your business.
  • Should integrate with your organization’s marketing efforts.
  • Will help you sell your products and services online.
  • Is an extension of your business, providing 24 hour access to your products and services.
  • Is engineered for your audience that is user friendly and profitable.

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